Food_guy_recipes.JPGWelcome to my site, my name is Rob Shipman. I’m also known as the FOOD GUY. In my past I’ve worked for Hilton International for 6 years, Nobu London for 6 years and I’ve also cooked in numerous Michelin star kitchens. With almost 30 years experience as a chef also in openings, restaurant consultancies, food styling and TV appearances, I have plenty of passion for food that I’m exited to share with you. My experience spans many continents in both Hotels and restaurants. As executive chef for over 12 years now I’ve spent most of my career specializing in Asian cuisine. 

Some stars I’ve cooked for over the years have been Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Oliver, Naomi Campbell, Gordon Ramsey, Robert De Niro, Nobu Matsuhisa and Brian Adams…to mention a few. My aim now is to share my passion for food and cooking with the world in the form of recipes. You will find a wide range of both traditional and contemporary dishes and most recipes can be made in a normal kitchen at home. I am now working in Morocco and enjoying very much the local food and culture.

Tell us your opinion or any question you may have and the Food Guy will answer you!

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