Food Synergy


Synergy in Greek means working together. Food Synergy has recently become a popular new food science that studies ingredients that when combined are more beneficial to our health than if they were to be eaten separately. Is it sufficient to simply choose the foods that include the nutrients we require? Perhaps not, the recent science of Food Synergy implies that selecting the right combinations of foods has a profound effect on how efficiently we absorb and metabolize nutrients. One example of this is spinach and Lemon. Our bodies are not very efficient at absorbing iron from raw spinach, however if spinach is lightly cooked this helps, Furthermore with the addition of vitamin C in the form of lemon juice we can get up to 8 times as much iron from the same spinach. Since Iron’s major role is transporting oxygen to cells throughout the body, this is vital to good health. What is Food Synergy? You may still be asking. Allow me to dig a bit deeper. Recent studies reveal that certain nutrients help each other to be more bio available (more easily absorbed) to our bodies thus providing us with positive health benefits. The body has an amazing ability to restore health and vitality when given the right conditions. Adequate nutrition plays a key role, yet the synergy of nutrients will determine how the body will repair, rebuild and sustain. The Food Synergy concept insists that the key to good health rests not just in the healthy ingredients that we eat, but the secret is held within the combinations, by eating foods that are biochemically in balance with each other.