Creative Cooking

Creative_cooking_pistaccio_mousse.jpgCreative Cooking

For me thinking outside of the box has been the name of the game ever since the word go. For my cuisine I try to avoid using the term fusion, as it just leads to confusion. I call my cooking style “Creative Cooking”. My own cooking style is mostly based on a marriage of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines. I enjoy breaking rules and boundaries, as its just part of my nature. I’m constantly experimenting with new ideas, however at the base of my philosophy is the thought to keep things simple. Never break a rule before you understand it and never try something new just for the sake of being in vogue. New recipes should always be created for the right reasons, each and every one of my recipes has a story and a unique thought process. Taste, visual impact and the guests satisfaction are paramount. I build my recipes based on Flavour-Buddies. These are ingredient pairs that have stood the test of time, such as tomato and basil, sashimi and soy, beef and mustard, strawberries and cream, chocolate and orange the list is endless. I build my new creations by understanding the classic flavour buddies and then I apply this thought process in new ways.

 In the section Creative cooking you will find recipes that stem from my original style of cooking. “Creative cooking” I hope you enjoy.