Bearnaise Sauce


Type of Dish Sauce


  • 1 egg yolk
  • 200 ml (1/2 cup) clarified butter
  • 10 ml (3/4 Tbsp) water
  • 10 ml (3/4 Tbsp) tarragon vinegar
  • 4 g (1 tsp) fresh tarragon (chopped)
  • to taste sea salt
  • to taste white pepper (freshly ground)


  1. Melt 200g of unsalted butter, gently pour the butter into a jug and discard the remaining liquid (butter milk). Clarified butter should be the fatty part only (no liquid).
  2. Put egg yolk, water and tarragon vinegar in a stainless bowl. Place bowl over a pot of simmering water. Whisk the yolk well until it reaches ribbon stage it will be a whitish colour and quite thick and fluffy.
  3. Pour the warm butter into the yolk slowly and continue whisking until all the butter is incorporated. Finally add the chopped tarragon and season with salt and pepper.

Further Information

Yield 4

Preparation Time is approxmiately 20 minutes.

Cooking Time is approxmiately 10 minutes.

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